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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two most popular cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It is among those compounds that has increased interest in medical marijuana in recent years. But even at that, many people do not yet know anything, or enough, about this cannabis product. This may be seen as a result of how the society has long perceived the use of the plant over potential dangers of abuse. Better knowledge of compounds, such as CBD, found in the plant has led to greater advocacy for legalization, including lawsuits.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of more than 110 active cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. It is the second most known cannabinoid after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has for long been the center of attention. CBD is a major cannabinoid as it constitutes up to 40 percent of extract of the cannabis plant. But the “high” effect of THC made it the main focal point of research for many years. By contrast, CBD is entirely nonpsychoactive. It does not produce mind-altering effects despite being present in high amount.

Research has now revealed many benefits of cannabidiol and it appears the list keeps getting longer. It is these medical benefits that have brought the cannabinoid into greater spotlight in recent years. CBD boasts properties that could make it useful for many medical conditions. It is said that it works as an antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and antidepressant, among others. Little wonder then that more and more people are showing interest in knowing more about it.

How does CBD work?

Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC bind to specific receptors in human cells. These cannabinoid receptors are present in high amount in the central nervous system, but can be found in any part of the body. Cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) cells are most abundant in the brain, while CB2 receptors are mainly distributed in the immune system. The receptors combine to form the endocannabinoid system (ECS), described as the body's biggest neurotransmitter system. The ECS helps with several processes in the body, including sleep, appetite, mood, memory, and motor control.

CBD is believed to produce its therapeutic effects through influence on the balancing system of the ECS. Its similarity to naturally occurring endocannabinoids enables it to interact seamlessly with cells in the body. The compound is by nature a phytocannabinoid (from plant source), while endocannabinoids are produced inside the body.

Further investigations by scientists have revealed that CBD doesn't just engage cannabinoid receptors. This is why it is able to deliver diverse benefits to the body. It also interacts with serotonin, vanilloid, and adenosine receptors, either directly or indirectly.

Evidence from animal studies suggests that CBD may help to ensure adequate amount of the endocannabinoid anandamide. This natural substance is useful for regulation of pain, appetite, pleasure and reward, memory, and sleep. A 2015 study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry corroborated its usefulness in increasing anandamide levels, although the researchers didn't know how it happened.

What can CBD be used for?

As we noted previously, cannabidiol boasts immense potential in dealing with a wide variety of health issues. The reason for this is its diverse beneficial properties. The following are some issues or conditions that the compound has been proven to help with.


CBD can be useful to you in fighting nausea, when used in low doses. The numerous cannabinoids in cannabis have made it a longtime favorite for many people in dealing with this issue. THC is another of the cannabinoids that helps to control nausea and vomiting. Evidence from animal studies suggests that CBD can indeed be beneficial in this regard. But it could also worsen the problem when you take high amount of it.


It may surprise you to know that CBD may help with anxiety. This is based on the fact that cannabis does cause some people to feel more anxious. A reason why a person may suffer anxiety is very high amount of THC and low CBD. You will recall that cannabidiol is said to help counter the psychoactivity of the other cannabinoid. So its effect is reduced when it is present in very low amount.

In a double-blind study conducted in 2011, 10 social anxiety sufferers who had never been treated medically were evaluated by researchers. These individuals were either administered CBD (400mg) or a placebo. It was observed that subjects who got cannabidiol experienced greater improvement in anxiety symptoms, compared to those in the placebo group.

Inflammation and pain

The anti-inflammatory properties that CBD boasts make it a good candidate for the control of inflammation and pain. It may help to regulate processes in pain pathways to help control pain. Research suggests that cannabidiol, along with other cannabinoids, is a very promising option for dealing with chronic pain. Perhaps, more interesting is that it comes without the problem of analgesic tolerance. In research carried out in Canada, a THC-CBD combo was observed to be effectual in controlling neuropathic pain commonly associated to multiple sclerosis.

Epileptic disorders

It was the use of CBD for this sort of issues that brought it into significant spotlight in the past few years. Specifically, its use for the treatment of Charlotte Figi greatly evidenced its potency for this purpose. The little girl who used to experience seizures like every 15 minutes didn't have any incident in an entire week after commencement of treatment with CBD.

With evidence showing that cannabidiol may help control epileptic disorders, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to utilize this knowledge. British company GW Pharmaceuticals has conducted successful trials for the anti-epileptic drug Epidiolex. Preliminary results from a 2014 study indicated an average reduction of 32 percent in seizure frequency among children with treatment-resistant epilepsy who were given the drug after three months of treatment.

CBD is neuroprotective. Research shows that it can further help to boost the efficacy of popular medications used for the treatment of epilepsy.


Research findings also indicate that CBD may be useful to people with diabetes. A 2013 study, which used data from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey, pointed to this benefit. The research, published in the American Journal of Medicine, included 4,657 subjects (adult males and females). These people included past and current marijuana users. The researchers associated marijuana use with lower fasting insulin levels and smaller waist circumference. These are relevant factors in development (or prevention) of diabetes.

Results from an animal study indicated that CBD considerably lowers incidence of diabetes. It causes the plasma levels of cytokines, which promotes inflammation, to reduce.

Schizophrenia and psychosis

Some may find it surprising that CBD, a cannabinoid, is antipsychotic. This is considering the fact that psychosis and schizophrenia are considered possible fallouts from cannabis use. But the compound is said to have similar pharmacological profile as a regular medication for treating psychosis. It may not only treat, but also help prevent psychotic disorders. Its usefulness in fighting psychosis is further helped by its anti-inflammatory properties. There is a link between increased inflammation in the brain and psychosis.

Scientists suggest that the action of cannabidiol is controlling the psychoactivity of THC makes it potentially useful for schizophrenic individuals. It helps to regulate the effect of the other cannabinoid on areas of the brain such as the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus. These regions are impacted in people with schizophrenia. The safety profile of CBD, as observed in clinical trials on this benefit, has been described as outstanding.


According to research, you may get a hand in holding off cancer with CBD. It can help to keep cancer cells from going haywire. Cannabidiol inhibits the growth of these cells and prevents their migration to other parts of the body.

Researchers have shown that the compound selectively keeps breast cancer cells from multiplying. It was revealed in research carried out in 2011 that CBD facilitates the destruction of breast cancer cells that are both estrogen-receptor positive and negative. The researchers further observed that the amount of the cannabinoid in tumor cells have minimal effect on other non-tumor cells.

Dr. Sean McAllister and fellow researchers at San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center found that CBD helps to restrict growth of breast cancer cells through the effect it produces on a particular gene. They observed that the compound helps to check the gene ID-1, a major culprit in different types of destructive cancers.

The usefulness of CBD is not limited to breast cancer, though. It may also help to guard against invasion of both lung and colon cancers. It has been used in the treatment of leukemia as well. Its impressive safety profile suggests it may be used for an extended period without toxicity issues.

Anti-aging benefits of CBD

A closer look at some benefits of cannabidiol we have discussed may reveal it is potentially beneficial to older individuals. It may be useful in dealing with issues that comes with age. However, its most obvious anti-aging benefits, perhaps, are positive effects on the brain and skin.

Brain health

One of the most disturbing things about growing old is the loss of memory that comes with it. This makes it hard to remember things as you once used to. The problem is even more disturbing in the case of Alzheimer’s patients. These often find it practically impossible to remember the names and faces of their loved ones. CBD is showing potential to help with this sort of issues.

As we noted earlier, CBD impacts on and supports the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a key factor in brain health. In addition to helping deal with anxiety and depression, it enhances memory, mood and brain reward systems. Cannabidiol works on the ECS to improve receptor function and flow. It also causes mitochondria, the body’s powerhouse, to work better. This ensures adequate supply of energy to meet the demand of the brain for efficient functioning. The compound also helps to eliminate free radicals, thus helping to slow brain aging.

Skin health

A major telltale sign of aging is the effect on the skin. As we grow older, the amounts of collagen and elastin – vital materials for youthful-looking skin – start to decline. The body’s oil production drops off. This causes the skin to lose firmness, lubrication and elasticity, leading to appearance of wrinkles. This is further worsened by environmental factors, such as smoke, pollutants and sun exposure.

Experts say the environment plays the major role in acceleration of aging. Stress, the sun, pollutants and other factors ramp up the activity of free radicals which cause damage to your skin cells and DNA. CBD is a rich source of antioxidants that can help to check the effect of the environment and free radicals. It may interest you to know that research has shown that the antioxidant properties of the cannabinoid are stronger than those of vitamins C and E. Antioxidants helps your skin to repair better and faster.

The benefits that CBD offers the skin do not stop at the level of protecting against free radical damage. Research suggests it may help to boost production of oil by sebaceous glands under the skin. Endocannabinoids play a role in the secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands, according to a study published in 2008. This hints at the potential of cannabidiol in boosting skin oil production considering its similarity to the naturally occurring compounds.

CBD may also prevent occurrence of skin cancer. This is based on its ability to guard against unpleasant effects of free radicals and unhealthy lifestyle choices. DNA damage that these factors cause is a major factor in occurrence of cancer. Researchers found in a 2003 study that cannabinoids, such as CBD, found in cannabis caused tumor cells to self-destruct. They also observed that healthy cells were not impacted by the destruction induced by these compounds.

Competition between THC and CBD

The major difference between CBD and THC is that the former is nonpsychoactive while the latter is. This is influenced by how the two interact with the body. THC binds directly to the CB1 receptors, but CBD has negligible effects on both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Cannabidiol acts more like an indirect antagonist to these receptors. It binds to receptors at different points to THC, thus helping to control the psychoactive effects of the latter.

THC has long been the focal cannabinoid, mainly for its psychoactive properties. Recreational users were interested in cannabis mainly because of its mood-altering effects. This caused growers to focus more on cultivation of plants with very high THC and low CBD content. In about 30 years, these growers drastically increased the psychoactive properties of cannabis. You can now find plan with more than 20% THC content, compared to an average of no more than 8% in the 1970s.

The lower emphasis on CBD meant its medicinal benefits went unnoticed for a long time. Some of those who were even aware of these benefits couldn't easily access the cannabinoid. Such was the situation in the case of Charlotte Figi, which brought greater focus on cannabidiol. The child had stopped laughing before turning 5 and had frequent seizure attacks for years. Luckily, the parents were able to locate a family that cultivated cannabis plant with high CBD content and low THC content. This helped to control the child's seizures and promoted her recovery.

The Charlotte case drew the attention of many families who had sick children. It drove up interest in medical cannabis. As would be expected, growers have started cultivating plant with high CBD content. This can now be found in many dispensaries in states where cannabis sale is allowed.

The effect of CBD is increased greatly when combined with other cannabinoids. This is what is sometimes called the entourage effect. The idea is that using these compounds together helps to better address issues for which they are being used. For example, when CBD and THC are combined, this can help to ensure that majority of, if not all, patients benefit. Some may respond better to CBD or THC.

Legality of buying cannabidiol

For a long time, there has been a hot debate on the legal use of cannabis. The plant had reportedly been used in medicinal preparations for hundreds of years until the 1930s when it was banned. The move was influenced by concern over risks of abuse. But resurgence in clamor for legalization has been witnessed in recent years, especially based on observed therapeutic benefits. The legality of its use these days is, however, not well defined as different regions differ in their stance on this issue.

CBD is classified as medicine by the UK’s National Health Services. However, it is not a substance for medical use in the United States in accordance to the Controlled Substances Act. The compound, like all cannabis products, is categorized as Schedule 1 drug. This means there is a high potential for its abuse and so not to be used for medical purposes. You could incur strict criminal penalties if CBD is found in your possession. But Schedule 1 drugs can be used in medical research.

It should be noted that the use of cannabinoids is only illegal at the federal level in the US. Some states permit the use of cannabis, and its compounds, for medicinal purposes. Since voters in California moved to allow the use of the plant for these purposes in 1996, many other states have followed suit. The other states that have also permitted cultivation of industrial hemp with high CBD and low THC content include:

• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Hawaii
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Maine
• Montana
• Nebraska
• North Carolina
• Tennessee
• Utah
• Vermont
• West Virginia

More than 30 states in the United States, as of 2017, have legalized production of industrial hemp. And, of course, many of these states permit access to high CBD, low THC products for medical use. It should be noted, though, that CBD from hemp is looked on more favorably than that from marijuana.

CBD options

Cannabidiol-based products come in different forms. These include sprays, capsules, topical solutions and patches. An example of such products taken via the oral route is CBD Pure Hemp Oil. This product, according to its maker, is sourced from organic industrial hemp that can be legally shipped in the U.S. It supposedly contains a wide array of the cannabinoid and terpenes. This, the manufacturer says, makes it more potent than only CBD.

As previously mentioned, there are also topical treatments in forms of creams, lotions or balms. These were popularized by cannabis activist Rick Simpson who reportedly cured his skin cancer with oil from the plant. These topicals may contain either CBD or THC, or both. Their efficacy can be enhanced by combining these cannabinoids with coconut oil. This boosts the antioxidant properties of the topical solutions.

How safe is the CBD?

Several studies have indicated that CBD is a very safe compound. Although these were mostly small studies, they showed that cannabidiol is well tolerated in humans at daily doses up to 1500 mg. But consistent use of high doses of the cannabinoid may lead to side effects such as dry or “cotton” mouth, light headedness, or low blood pressure. Research hints that high doses may aggravate muscle movement and tremor in people with Parkinson’s disease.

CBD may also interact with some drugs due to inhibition of the activity of P450 enzymes in the liver. High amount of the compound can neutralize the activity of these enzymes, albeit for the short term, thus impacting how medications are metabolized. This effect is not necessarily a bad one as it also contributes to check the psychoactive influence of THC.

It may be said that strict regulation of cannabis use has contributed to keep CBD from the spotlight for a long time. But as people become more and more aware of its benefits, it has been acquiring legal status in more states. This, it is hoped, will help to improve the availability to interested users. The cannabinoid’s quality of not being psychoactive and its remarkable safety profile make it more interesting for medical use.


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