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What Is HGH?

HGH - The Scientific Details

Human growth hormone occurs in the body naturally. The pituitary gland, which is located at the base of your brain, and it is responsible for the production of HGH. Human growth hormone is necessary for a child's normal growth. Once we become adults, human growth hormone is necessary to maintain the correct amounts of muscle, bone, and fat.

If there is a deficiency of human growth hormone in adults, it can lead to many symptoms such as high cholesterol, extreme tiredness, low motivation, weight gain, abdominal fat, and emotional symptoms.

How HGH Injections are Manufactured

It was in the 1950’s that the first HGH injections occurred. At that time, the only source for HGH was from cadavers from which it had to be extracted. It was then purified, and the injected into those people (usually children) who were suffering from HGH deficiencies. The supply of HGH was very limited and only a handful of physicians had been trained in its use so the number of children injected with HG from 1963 to 1985 was minimal. It’s believed to be less than 27,000 children worldwide.

In addition, over time it became evident that using HGH that was extracted from cadavers increased the risk of developing Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, which is a fatal disease that is similar to mad cow disease.

In 1981, things changed, when Kabi & Genentech were able to create a recombinant human growth hormone or rHGH, which is a synthetic form of HGH made using recombinant DNA technology. With this technology, DNA sequences obtained from a number of sources are cut from the original molecules using restriction enzymes, and then they are brought together in a form not naturally seen. The scientists then tied an outside source of DNA to the host DNA, which caused the host to replicate. Today that is still how HGH injections are produced and made available. Cadavers are no longer used. There has also not been any instances of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease since the synthetic HGH became available.

Ingredients in HGH Injections

In 1985, Genentech was the first to create an rHGH injection brand - Protropin. Genetech pulled Protropin off the market in 2004. Protropin was made from somatrem, a synthetic growth hormone that contains 192 amino acids. Protropin includes the 191 acids found in somatropin, which is the common form of HGH. In addition, it contained methionine, which proves methyl and sulfur that regulate your metabolism, and it also helped to build proteins. However, because of the method needed to create Protropin there were high risks associated with its use.

Today, Somatropin is the most common form of synthetic HGH and it contains 191 amino acids. These products also contain ingredients such as sodium chloride, mannitol, benzyl alcohol, Phenol, Glycine, disodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, Bacteriostatic Water, dibasic sodium phosphate, sucrose, phosphoric acid, glycerin, and disodium phosphate anhydrous.

HGH injections still have high risks associated with their use, and should only be administered under the care of a trained physician.

Studies Based on the use of HGH Injections

Many people are aware of the initial study done by Dr. Daniel Rudman, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990. It showed promising results for HGH injections but further research was needed. Today there have been many studies conducted. We will look at just a handful. What is clear is that each of them shows the same promising results when HGH is used to treat aging.

  • Dr. Bengt-Ake Bengtsson, a leading human growth hormone researchers in the world, conducted a study of 333 patients with low levels of HGH. Dr. Bengtsson discovered that these patients were twice as likely to die from heart disease as the age-matched control group. Among patients treated with HGH replacement therapy, there was a uniform decrease in cardiovascular risk, as well as weight loss and a favorable increase in HDL and lower LDL blood fractions. Optimum Health by Stephen T Sinatra MD, page 257
  • Considerable research has been done on the effects of HGH over the past decade. In studies on middle aged and elderly people, HGH supplementation has increased muscle mass, skin thickness, and bone mass, while decreasing body fat. Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 539
  • Obesity is associated with decreased human growth hormone levels. Decreased levels of growth hormone are associated with obesity and corticosteroid use. Therapies that boost growth hormone can help facilitate weight loss. The cost of human growth hormone injections is cost-prohibitive for most people. Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 1152
  • HGH mobilizes/lowers stored body fat 14.4% to be burned for energy, extends exercise capacity (and exercise spurs HGH), reduces fatigue. HGH rebuilds damaged heart muscles, the liver, kidneys, and lungs, pulmonary disorders, improves Oxygen uptake in emphysema patients, reverses organ shrinkage; lowers high blood pressure, hypertension; counters diabetes by normalizing sugar metabolism gradually. growth hormone burns fats, cholesterol, atherosclerosis plaques, viruses, chronic fatigue, (prostate) cancer, Immune suppression, autoimmune self-attack (rheumatoid arthritis), reduces 2-3 times higher than normal Natural Killer Lymphocyte levels; signals body tissue repair, obesity; enlarged prostate. Anti-Aging Manual by Joseph B Marion, page 10

The Science of How HGH Works in the Body

HGH is produced naturally in the body and helps the body to regulate your metabolism rate. It also interacts with tissues receptors throughout your body. All of your major organs have these receptors and thus HGH plays an important role in the body's processes.

HGH stimulates the liver as well as other tissue, which then IGF-1, an insulin like growth factor to be released. This in turn, stimulates the production of cartilage cells, which cause bones to grow and muscle mass to develop.

HGH is a complex molecule, containing 191 amino acids. The main HGH functions include:

  • Bone density
  • Reproduction of cells
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Maintains muscles, organs, and body fat
  • Metabolic regulation

You can see why it is important to maintain optimum HGH levels in the body. However, once you reach your twenties, your body's HGH production begins to decrease, and as the amount of HGH produced in the body continues to decrease, we begin to see the signs of aging.

Your Options for Maintaining HGH Levels in the Body

We can see clearly that maintaining HGH levels in the body is important. There are only two ways of doing this.

  • HGH injections
  • HGH supplements

It is important that you understand the difference between these two options.

HGH Injections

With HGH injections, you inject artificial HGH into your muscle. HGH injections require a prescription from a doctor and are approved by the FDA for only a handful of uses; aging is not one of them. It is important to get HGH injections through a legal and reliable source because it could be dangerous otherwise. HGH injections are expensive, costing thousands of dollars, and they have a number of side effects, some of which are very serious.

HGH Supplements

With this method, you are not injecting artificial HGH. You are taking a supplement that has been scientifically created to help your body increase the production of HGH naturally. Your body does the work. This is a 100% natural process and is much safer and cheaper than using HGH injections. Only those with a serious HGH depletion should be using HGH injections. For the rest of us, HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus, Genfx and Sytropin are adequate and can produce very good results. There are some top HGH supplements on the market that have a reputation of being HGH supplements are generally safe for anyone to use, although it is important that you are aware of the less severe side effects associated with HGH supplements.

Benefits of HGH Supplements

  • Resistance to Injury - HGH builds connective tissue within your muscles, which can promote resistance to injury and faster repair after an injury. In December 2007 the Mitchell Report was released where Major League players stated they believed HGH assisted in injury recovery and fatigue.[4]
  • Increase in lean muscle mass -Studies have shown that HGH reduces body fat[1] and increases lean body mass.[1] However, there was no increase in muscle strength was observed in these studies.
  • Muscle Mass - Muscle mass and muscle strength are not the same. Experts believe HGH will build muscle mass as a result of raised insulin-like growth factors responsible for heightened protein synthesis.
  • Decrease in body fat
  • Increased libido
  • Improved mood
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Decreased wrinkles
  • Improved memory
  • An overall reversal of many of the signs of aging

Clearly HGH can play a huge role in improving health by slowing down many symptoms of aging but still using HGH injections could be considered overkill when a non prescription HGH releaser could do the trick.


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2.  Liu H, Bravata DM, Olkin I, Friedlander A, Liu V, Roberts B, Bendavid E, Saynina O, Salpeter SR, Garber AM, Hoffman AR (May 2008). "Systematic review: the effects of growth hormone on athletic performance". Ann. Intern. Med.

3.  Krych K, Goździcka-Józefiak A (2008). "Doping in Sport: New Developments". Human Movement

4.  Rennie MJ (April 2003). Claims for the anabolic effects of growth hormone: a case of the emperor's new clothes?". Br J Sports Med 37

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